What's Different at Finest?

Individualism and independence respected by staff and students.

Homework not required. Majority of work completed in class.

Fresh start every six weeks (New classes begin every six weeks) .

Point system instead of traditional grades.

Option of morning or afternoon classes.

Chromebook for use in every classroom

CTE Programs - Cosmetology, Audio Media, STEM, S.A.G.E., College credit Language Arts, Culinary Arts(T.E.C. Campus), Post Secondary programs (A.C.C., U.C.D., Red Rocks, C.C.D.) Automotive Technology, Health Sciences, and Aviation Program 

Three Golden Rules:

Students must complete 90% of possible points in all classes each six-week session.

No anti-social behavior (fighting, intimidation, threatening, verbal abuse, bullying, etc. are all unacceptable)

No drug or alcohol use on campus or at school activities (students may not be under the influence or in possession).

Following these three simple rules is the key to success at Colorado's Finest.


The heart of our school is our faculty. Our teachers are people who possess both a deep understanding of their content and a strong desire to build positive, supportive relationships with students. Our school believes that the best counselor is a teacher who students know, trust and respect. Teachers at Colorado's Finest have "families" of up to twenty students. Each teacher gets to know his or her students as individuals, and serve as the liaison between home and school for the students' entire career at Finest. All teachers are certified by the state and highly qualified in their fields.

Academic Standards

In order to earn a diploma from Colorado's Finest High School of Choice, all students must complete twenty-three credits, ten proficiencies, and score at minimum 11th grade level in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

School Hours

Students can start as early as 7:55 am or as late as 10:40 am and get out as soon as 2:05pm or as late as 3:55pm with a 20-minute lunch and a 20-minute family/homeroom daily.

Colorado's Finest is incorporating clubs plus expanded STEM and Audio Production offerings as a result of receiving a "21st Century Community Learning Centers" grant. All students are required to be enrolled in six courses each session.

Attendance Policy

In order to remain in good standing, our students must maintain 90% attendance in all classes. If you receive an automated absence call, it reflects an absence recorded in Infinite Campus, as the system only initiates calls for recorded absences in one or more classes. We do not make absence calls home for students arriving tardy to class. If you believe your student's attendance has been recorded incorrectly, please feel free to call our office or your student's family teacher for details about the absence. To gain access to your student's attendance in Infinite Campus, please contact the office or your family teacher for instructions on how to do so.

Want to Learn More?

Give us a call at 303-934-5786 to find out more!

Students interested in attending Colorado's Finest High School of Choice must take a short entrance exam in Language Arts, Mathematics and Writing.

Sign up for a test date here or call us at 303-934-5786