Student Speaker Series

Based on data from The Healthy Kids survey, as well as student and staff input, The Finest Counseling Dept. is proud to present the “What’s up?”  Student Speaker Series.

Each session, an outside expert will facilitate an educational presentation on various topics the students have expressed interest in such as stress management, managing depression and anxiety, creating healthy relationships and more.  


This session: What’s up with Anxiety and Depression 

Wed., Dec. 11th, 5th hour, Rm. 113

Students can learn from a professional counselor: 

  • What are the symptoms of anxiety and depression?
  • What is “typical” and when do I need extra support?
  • What can I do on my own, and what are the “professional treatment” options?
  • What if I’m in treatment, but still struggling? 
  • What are urgent/emergency options for depression/anxiety?
  • How can I live a good life with anxiety/depression?


You must pre-register HERE. Space is limited!


Contact Heather Powers for more info