SAC Minutes 9/25/19

In Attendance: Ed Bright, Jen Hubbard, Christine Demont, Heather Powers, Micheala Clinton, Becky
Moraja and Bobbie Skaggs. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Bobbie Skaggs. Members
were asked to participate in a circle protocol introducing themselves and and asked to share out, “what is
the best thing about starting back to school?”

The program began with Heather Powers introducing herself as the school social worker whose office
hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She shared out the multiple resources she has available for
students and referenced members to the 5-1-1 resource. Members had questions when Heather used 5-1-1
and when it would be appropriate for others to access. Heather also shared about a food bank opportunity
for students in need. This is a new resource that has been especially helpful to the school’s homeless
population. Heather works with about 30 students who have been identified as homeless. Heather stated
how CDE’s definition and the Federal definition of homelessness differed and explained some of the issues
surrounding that difference when accessing resources. Heather left a variety of resource flyers for SAC
members to take if interested.

School and community resource discussion continued with the introduction of Michaela Clinton who work
out of the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) and provides services to the students in Englewood and
Sheridan schools. Michaela is housed out of our school one day a week. She outlined the differences in
services provided at JAC. She said that there are two different branches – one that focused on juveniles
who are in jail and one that is community based. Michaela is able to assess students in order to determine
the student’s need for resources. This full process could take up to 2.5 hours to complete, but it is very
comprehensive and could open the door to a wide array of services for the students and the families. On
the average, Michaela works with families for about 3 months – making sure that all hurdles have been
illuminated for the student and family as they access services. Micheala is also able to provide resources
without conducting the full assessment. While these services are often limited in scope, they are incredibly
beneficial to our school. Micheala’s services are being used as a part of our school’s multi-tiered system of
support provided to our students and families. Micheala left her business card for parents.

Students are referred by Family teachers to both Heather and Micheala, so if parents are needing to access
resources for their student and/or family, please reach out to the Family teacher.
Connect for Success Grant – Becky Moraja introduced herself as the implementation coach for the Connect
for Success Grant at Finest. The grant focuses on graduation rate with part of it examining ways of
increasing parent involvement. Becky is thinking of offering parent seminars on a monthly basis – a time
for parents to connect when discussing topics of interest, specifically, topics about teens. She asked the
SAC members if they had any recommendations for topics. Members recommended that Becky survey
parents during parent/teacher conferences coming up and potentially ask for input in Finest Features.
Topics recommended by SAC were: teen anxiety and how parents can support teens who experience it,
how to keep teens safe online with all of the social media, stress, depression, teens and their sexual
identities, teens and sleep. The SAC team thought it was important for parents to realize that these
seminars were not just a sit and get, but would have experts on hand as parents discussed and connected.
Becky thanked the team and plans to create something to get feedback from parents who attend
parent/teacher conferences.

In other business, DAC Representative for CFHSC –Christine Demon volunteered to be the DAC
representative for Finest.

Bobbie also mentioned important upcoming dates.
The meeting adjourned at 7:18 p.m. Our next SAC meeting will be on October 30, 2019 - 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.