SAC Minutes 5/1/19

In Attendance: Ed Bright, Theresa DeLisle, Jen Hubbard, Aaron Timm, Clarice Fortunat and Bobbie Skaggs. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Bobbie Skaggs. Bobbie asked members to share out summer plans. Theresa DeLisle informed the group that DAC will meet next week. The last meeting was cancelled.

Bobbie presented Finest Updates-Bobbie reported that Prom was held last weekend with record number of students attending. Clarice and Aaron reported out on the Finest Future Fair and the Mock Interviews. These were a huge success. The AEC application was completed this week with 65% of our students indicating that mental health negatively impacts their ability to earn a diploma. This area has continued to increase for the last four years from about 10% to 65%. Bobbie said that the staff will continue to examine ways to address this ever-expanding need. Bobbie acknowledged the success of the SEL programs implementation and that the staff will continue to discuss ways to improve. Tonight’s meeting will include a glance at the survey results surrounding this program.

Bobbie discussed Counseling Corp Survey Results. Survey Noticings from Students: Students at Finest are dealing with the following issues: Stress (77%), Anxiety (68%), Depression (65%) and Low Self Esteem (58%). These top three areas have remained the same from last year. When looking at the individual statements, SAC members noted that students highlighted issues such as friend/family interactions and “growing up and actually doing adult things”. They recommended further investigation into these areas – asking, “what do students perceive as important and necessary for them to know when growing up.” Students indicate using Marijuana (64%) and vaping (63%0, followed by alcohol (47%) and cigarettes (42%)

Reasons for missing school: Students indicated that reasons for missing school were the following: Personal Health (71%), Lack of Motivation (48%), Lack of Sleep (47%), Stress (46%). The SAC team thought it was important for us to think about including a lesson on “lack of sleep”. Specifically, connecting for students the impact of lack of sleep on their thinking and emotional wellbeing. Student Stress Level had an average rating of 6.63%. With the two causes of their stress being identified as Home life/family and my future after high school. Ways of managing and coping with stress included: smoking weed, listening to music, video games, music, friends, talk to a counselor, yoga, chilling, deep breaths, positive thinking, sleep, remove myself. Throughout the students’ written responses, one can see that training that occurred this year through SEL. Students were referring to specific ways that we had discussed in SEL lessons on who to cope/manage stress. Ways to improve Connect – the universal Tier 1 comprehensive curriculum: Students’ perception of connect value appeared to be split – some students enjoyed the connections, strategies for coping; while others thought that the curriculum was “pointless.” We will continue to monitor student feedback and examine ways to improve. The SAC team felt that future planning needs to be a focus for next year.

Bobbie then had an Appreciation Dinner and Awards ceremony for the SAC members present. Bobbie expressed her appreciation for the service of each member and gave certificates for this service. Bobbie also mentioned important upcoming dates. The meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m. Our next SAC meeting will be on August 28, 2019 - 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m