SAC Minutes 4/25/18

Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice Vision​ - ​Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice aspires to live up to our name by providing the finest education, inspiring students seeking a fresh start. ​

​Mission​ - ​Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice provides diverse educational opportunities for students to earn a quality high school diploma in an accepting and supportive community.

Motto​ - Choose your finest future!

SAC Minutes April 25, 2018

In Attendance: Ed Bright, Karie Wyckoff, Theresa Delisle, Aaron Timm, Jen Hubbard, Clarice Fortunato, Beth Hall, Lizzie Prochoda and Bobbie Skaggs.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Bobbie Skaggs. The school provided a Chipotle taco bar in appreciation for the team’s service to the school. While eating, a slideshow of the various school events this year was shared and discussed. Bobbie then presented a Powerpoint about student academic performance and program updates. The slideshow started with the Vision, Mission, Motto, and Core Values of CFHSC, where Bobbie highlighted the vision of “seeking a fresh start.” She explained the process of how the vision and mission were created. Academic performance goals were outlined with the aligned strategies. Goals were shared in English, Reading, Math, and Science. The results indicated that progress was made in all areas for 9 th graders, and 10 th graders were only struggling in English and Reading. Bobbie explained that these two tests were given during the timeframe of the school SWAT evacuation and the Florida school shootings, which appeared to negatively impact results. SAT performance increased, attendance rate increased, and writing tests showed increased performance. The 21 st Century Grant has provided many valuable resources for our school: # classes, resources for robotics, video news and audio production classes. The Grant also funded field trips and summer school programs.

Updates continued with the Counseling Corp Grant: curriculum development continues for universal use. The Rise Grant has one more year left and will focus on increasing the social and emotional health of staff through resources, communication strategies, and programming. Bobbie shared the results of the AEC Data – 95%of students have at-risk indicators with highest indicators being truancy and psychological and behavioral disorders.

Bobbie shared information about various programs at C.F.H.S.C. Art ​– Received outstanding awards in the Congressional Art Contest and the People’s Fair; Audio Digital Production​ - First High School Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society; SAGE –​ Students are designing the individual gardens; Co Enrollment/CTE​ - Enrollment continues to increase in both areas; PWR/Ignite -​ 42 College Applications, 6 Accepted into 4 year Universities, 5 work site visits, 6 college visits; 100 students participated in the Summer Opportunity Fair with 20 Employers and 12 volunteers conducting mock interviews; PE - ​ $1500 Grant for Skateboards – promoting fitness; Cosmetology​ – Applied Associate Arts Degree in Salon Management/Entrepreneurship; STEM ​– Video News Production, Competed in the BEST Robotics Competition, $5000 Grant for Robotic Equipment; ESSC -​ Direct Instruction Classes – STEM, Science and Language Arts, Physical Education (Yoga, Taichi, and Walking)

Bobbie then presented each SAC member with a certificate of appreciation. The meeting concluded at 7:25 p.m. Our next SAC meeting - August 2018 at 6:00 p.m.