SAC Minutes 1/15/2020


In Attendance: Ed Bright,  Christine Demont, Jen Hubbard, Clarice Fortunato  and Bobbie Skaggs. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Bobbie Skaggs.  


Bobbie opened the meeting with a circle question: What was your greatest gift over the holidays?  SAC members shared out.


Christine asked the SAC members to brainstorm priorities for Finest. Clarice had a list of mandated and non-mandated budget items. Bobbie also provided a list of budget items for consideration. Clarice also shared that last year’s budget priorities were teaching staff, counselors, and CTE programming. Clarice starting the thinking by asking what is important to parents to sustain when considering what you value at Finest.   Parents immediately indicated staff at Finest. Christine also shared that she really valued the SEL focus and the counseling staff. There was further discussion around the CTE programs with the pervasive thought being that Cosmetology, a highly valued program at Finest, was strong enough to sustain itself in many ways. The SAC members outlined the following as priorities: 


1) All Staff including certified, non-certified and administration

2) Counselors and the SEL Programming and 

3) STEAM programming including music, STEM, math, and Arts.  


Christine will submit our school’s priorities to DAC. 


The second part of the meeting focused on the AEC Performance Rating.  The SAC members examined the overall performance rating and noted that our school was just barely rated as performance.  There was lots of pride in seeing that Finest EXCEEDS in most of the Academic Achievement Areas. The Academic Growth at Finest is rated as approaching. The discussion centered around how often growth is less when Academic Achievement is high. There has been growth in attendance; however, members noted that our school data is very different from what the state reports. Bobbie will reach out to Jill to see why this discrepancy may exist. Again, members noted that academic achievement on the SAT was at the Exceeds rating. Completion rate is sitting at around 54%; Finest would like for this number to be at 60% and is something that the Connect for Success grant is addressing through Becky’s work.  Bobbie shared out the focus this year at Finest, which will impact performance for this year. 


Next time, Bobbie would like to participate with the SAC members in a Consultancy Protocol.  This would provide a format to which Bobbie can present a school problem and members can provide insight and recommendations.  The dilemma that will be presented next SAC meeting centers around vaping and the concerns surrounding the issue at Finest. 


Important upcoming dates were mentioned.


The meeting adjourned  at 7:25 p.m. Our next SAC meeting will be on February 19, 2020 - 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.