A Reminder About On-line Learning


1. If you are using a school chromebook, please be aware that there is a monitoring program installed that flags inappropriate sites or searches.  Those flags are sent to Admin so please use this resource appropriately.

2. Do not PLAGIARIZE!  That means, give credit if you use something from the web, don’t claim someone else’s work as your own.  It may be tempting to just copy and paste something from the web but that’s really easy to detect (we have programs that do this).  Put things in your own words and cite your sources. There will be appeals for plagiarizing.

3. In order to earn your points you must turn in your assignments on Google Classroom.  You have until midnight each day (unless otherwise stated by the teacher for projects taking more than one day).

4. Please make sure we have accurate contact information in Infinite Campus (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.).

5. Check your email daily.  You may have something important that needs your immediate attention.

6. ALL Englewood students are eligible for free meals.

7. Download the Zoom app as it is more user friendly and useful on mobile devices.

8. Please ask for help if you need it.  You can ask your family teacher, a counselor or Steve steve_livingston@engschools.net 

9. If you need to speak to a counselor, request an appointment here.

Available “live” office hours (for phone or video calls with counselors), Tues - Fri.:

  • 8:30a - 10:30a - 2 Counselors available (Kat and Daisha)
  • 12:30p - 2:30p -  2 Counselors available (Kathryn and Heather)