CFHSC Parent Survey 2019- The information we collect will help us provide your children with improved counseling and support services. Your opinions and thoughts matter! This survey is anonymous. Please be open and honest. The survey will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. You must click "Submit" at the bottom to have yours answers recorded.

Letter of Recommendation Request - Working on your Academic Review? Fill out this form and make copies to provide to your teachers or staff members who you want to ask for a letter of recommendation. It is helpful to know what you want the letter for. For example, for a specific college application or a scholarship application. See Kat, Kathryn, or Jen if you haven't already begun to discuss your Academic Review/Post-Graduation Plan. 

Work Credit Contract - To be signed by you, your family teacher, and your counselor. Please return to Heather. 

Blank Resume Template- Please make a copy for yourself in Google Drive to edit and revise your unique resume.