CFHSC-What to Expect

What to Expect

We are continuing the classes that students were enrolled in for 5th session.  These classes will continue until April 16th. We extended 5th session because we wanted to make sure teachers were able to cover the necessary information.  The below schedule is a guideline - we recommend that students work on different classes on different days of the week. During the times designated below, teachers will be available to respond to emails and address areas of confusion.  Students may or may not need the entire hour assigned; we want to make this as flexible as possible. We understand that online learning may be difficult for some; please know that this is new for us too, and we want to provide as much support as possible.   

Responsibilities for Students:

  • Check in for Family on Zoom, every Tue-Fri, at 11:50 am. Students will have to use your "" account.
  • Engage and complete work assigned by the teacher Tuesday-Friday (Mondays will be used for teacher planning).
  • Ensure that you know the usernames and passwords for instructional resources that are used by the teacher or school.
  • Ensure that you set up a remote work space and calendar to manage their time.
  • Regularly check school email and Google Classroom.


Recommendations for Families of CFHSC students:

  • Check-in with your child, daily, about progress on learning experiences and see if they have questions or need support.
  • Encouraging your child’s participation in remote learning content.
  • Help students develop a schedule for learning and setting up a space to do school work.
  • Ensure that they are monitoring District communication for up-to-date information regarding school closures and remote learning plans.
  • Assure that a device and internet access are available at home (reach out to your child's school or teacher if you need support with this).



CFHSC Remote Learning Schedule