• CFHSC offers hope and a fresh start every six weeks (New classes begin every six weeks) .
  • CFHSC offers a lot less drama.  Our system system proactively uses mediation and restorative practices stop bullying and anti-social behaviors before they begin.
  • At CFHSC: Individualism and independence are respected by staff and students.
  • CFHSC uses a point system, instead of traditional grades, which allows students to work atan academic pace that is right for the them.
  • CFHSC offers flexible start times.

The heart of our school is our faculty. Our teachers are people who possess both a deep understanding of their content and a strong desire to build positive, supportive relationships with students. Our school believes that the best counselor is a teacher who students know, trust and respect. Teachers at Colorado's Finest have "families" of up to twenty students. Each teacher gets to know his or her students as individuals, and serve as the liaison between home and school for the students' entire career at Finest.