Elementary Assessment Days

August 13- 11:00am-7:00pm

August 14- 8:00am-3:00pm

30 minute sign ups will be available during the times listed, but keep in mind they may last longer.

Every student will need to sign up for an assessment time and students must be present. 


**Please bring all School Supplies to Assessment Days.

**You will find out classroom assignments and where the classroom is located at Watermelon Welcome, Friday, August, 9th at 4:00pm.


Please check your email or text message for your students teacher # or contact the Front Office.

Kindergarten Teacher 1                    Kindergarten Teacher 2                   Kindergarten Teacher 3

First Teacher 1           First Teacher 2

Second Teacher 1              Second Teacher 2             Second Teacher 3

Third Teacher 1             Third Teacher 2              Third Teacher 3

Fourth Teacher 1              Fourth Teacher 2

Fifth Teacher 1                Fifth Teacher 2

Sixth Teacher 1