Library / Schedule

In Library/Media times, students switch between learning library and technology based lessons. In library lessons we focus on the skills needed to find and use information from different sources, from books to catalogs and databases. Students learn to determine if a source is reliable and identify perspective. There is so much information out in today's world, and students need the skills to know how to handle the overload of information.


In the Technology lessons, our first goal is to teach students digital citizenship and how to be safe and smart online. We also build a foundation of skills to better utilize computers such as keyboarding, mouse skills, and computer functions. We even help students express themselves through digital storytelling. Lastly, we learn how to use applications and software and apply them to the classroom.


Library Schedule


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00-8:30 Open Open Open Open No Classes FRI PM
8:30-9:00 Open Open Open Loseman-3rd Behan- 3rd
9:00-9:30 Open Open Open Smith-K Cautero-K
9:30-10:00 Open Open Open Open Open
10:00-10:30 Open Open Open Open Open
11:00-1:00 Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
1:00-1:30 Open Open Open Wolf-6th Closed- SS
1:30-2:00 Open Pfohl-1st Caravella-2nd Open Closed- SS
2:00-2:30 Open Miller-5th Quarton-4th Yuliya-4th Closed- SS