Library Announcements



February Celebrations!  

2nd grade



K-2 Graders have been working on practicing using their ipads and chromebooks in the library, they are going to start working on keyboarding skills this month!






5th grade

3-6 Graders have been working diligently on improving their typing skills through lessons on for the past few months, prepping for their CMAS in the Spring! 








This month, our 5/6th grade students have finished working on their published books with Scripsi from Scholastic- I am happy to announce our books will be ready by the end of the month! 





In February, we are launching the Book Creator program for all students in grades 2-6! Students will be able to make their own books on this program or make books with a partner, and then publish them online for the entire school to read! It is such a fun, safe, and unique program that will help boost our students' creativity and let them use their imagination to make books! 


  ~Ms. V   💜