School Health Services

Welcome to School Health Services! 

Health services are provided to Englewood Schools through consultation from the Children’s Hospital Colorado School Health Program. The school nurse consultant functions as a liaison between the Children’s Hospital, the community, and the school by providing information, referrals, and resources.  The nurse consultant assists schools to provide the safest, most appropriate health care within the school setting.

Each RN consultant covers several schools in the district and can be reached during school hours by cell phone.

Marisa Beauchaine, BSN, RN, CPN, AE-C

  • Phone: (720)-951-7491 
  • Schools: Bishop, Clayton, Maddox ECE, Cherrelyn, CFHSC


Mandy Lopez, MSN, RN

  • Phone: (720)-951-7496  
  • Schools: EHS, TIES, EMS/ELA, Charles Hay
The health office in each school building is staffed with a health assistant (hours vary), who is employed by Englewood Schools to assist students with daily health needs.  Please call the main office of your child's school to reach the health office.
 School Health Team

Our School Health Team

Top Row (Left to Right): Gina Bonacci (Charles Hay), Melinda Sanchez (EHS), Stephanie La Scala (EMS), Loree Schauer (CFHSC)
Front Row: Michelle Watson (ECE), Samantha Harshberger (Clayton), Marisa Beauchaine, RN (District Nurse)
Slide (Front to Back): Etta Wilkinson (Bishop), Mandy Lopez, RN (District Nurse), Barb Glee (Cherrelyn)

Immunization Resources:

Colorado law requires all students attending Colorado schools and licensed child cares to be vaccinated against certain diseases unless a medical or non-medical exemption is filed. For more information about vaccine requirements, resources and exemptions, please visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s School Immunization page.


Helpful Forms for parents/guardians: 

Click below for the School Based Health Center Parent/Guardian Permission form:
Have you ever wondered whether your child's illness requires them to miss school? The below document gives some basic guidelines you can follow:   
What is the current evidence-based practice when it comes to head lice in schools? Please refer to our protocol below:   
    More Helpful Forms for parents/guardians: 
    • Seizure Action Plan
            This form works as a medication permission and health care plan for students with seizures
    • Asthma Action Plan
            This form works as a medication permission and Health care plan for students with asthma
    • Allergy / Anaphylaxis Plan
            This form works as a medication permission and health care plan for students with severe allergies
    • G-Tube Authorization Form
            This form is required for children with G-tubes who may require supplemental feedings, fluids or medications during the school day
    • Student Accident Insurance
    If your child requires special care procedures in school, or a health care plan, please contact the RN consult for your child's school. 
    Be well!