SAC Minutes 9/26/18


Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice

Vision - Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice aspires to live up to our name by providing the finest education, inspiring students seeking a fresh start.

  Mission - Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice provides diverse educational opportunities for students to earn a quality high school diploma in an accepting and supportive community.

Motto - Choose your finest future!


SAC Minutes September 26, 2018


In Attendance: Ed Bright, Theresa Delisle, Aaron Timm, Clarice Fortunato, Jen Studt  and Bobbie Skaggs.


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Bobbie Skaggs.   Jen Studt provided a report on the SEL(Social Emotional Learning) Program. Jen started a circle to illustrate an expectation in our new Connect curriculum.  Participants were asked to share his/her name, how they were feeling from 1-10, and identify a favorite activity or something enjoyed. Jen described the timeline for Connect – reminded members how the process began and how things were progressing at this time. Jen shared a sample of a lesson and encouraged members to look through the entire curriculum.


Bobbie then went over the 2018 AEC School Performance Framework. Finest is currently

rated at the Performance level. Bobbie went through all four levels on the Framework: Academic Achievement, Academic Growth, Student Engagement, Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness. Student performance was high with many areas bordering on Exceeds expectations. The area of growth was Student Engagement where attendance and truancy are the indicators. Bobbie shared that an attendance team will focus on cleaning up the attendance data in IC by making

sure the attendance process is clear and easily followed.


Bobbie handed out the Healthy Kids Survey Results, and the SAC team was asked to look through the data and circle anything that looked like an area of importance. After spending time looking through the data, the SAC members spent some time discussing the apparent issue of substance abuse with our student body. They recommended offering more substance abuse classes, having the EPD come into the school, and thought that the security guard will be able to help with monitoring on school grounds. Members were also wondering about offering more pro-social opportunities for students. Bobbie said that the counseling department will be

spending more time with the data and making recommendations for the school.


Theresa shared out the minutes from her DAC meeting. The District is working with

the University of Virginia and has currently produced the District curriculum in Language Arts and Math. The DAC team will be examining the budget and setting priorities when moving forward.  Theresa also shared out Amendment 73 Factual Sheet and provided copies to each SAC member. She briefly described the impact Amendment 73 would have on the District and schools.


The meeting adjourned  at 7:30 p.m. Our next SAC meeting scheduled for October 31, will be    moved to October 24 at 6:00 p.m. to avoid any conflicting events.