SAC Minutes 1/30/19

SAC Minutes January 30, 2019

In Attendance: Ed Bright, Katie Harrison, Aaron Timm, Clarice Fortunato, Monica Adams and Bobbie Skaggs.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Bobbie Skaggs.

The SAC team revisited the budget priorities from the last meeting in order to gain further clarity. After discussions, the three priorities were (in order of importance): Retaining highly qualified teaching staff, retaining highly qualified counselors and social worker, and sustaining our CTE programing – Cosmetology, Digital Audio Production, STEM, and SAGE. Bobbie said that she will give the information to Theresa in order for her to share at the next DAC.

Monica Adams shared updates about the Cosmetology Program at Finest. She highlighted the enrollment, the AAS degree at ACC, curriculum expectations, courses offered, licensure, and answered questions about the overall program. Following the brief presentation, everyone went to tour the space. SAC members asked Monica to provide the updated services pamphlet in order to share with community members. Monica said that there was a need for more clients so sharing with the community would be very helpful. Bobbie shared her reflections regarding the four Finest priorities on the UVA 90 day plan. SAC discussed each of the four priorities- SEL, LA and Math Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, and Infinite Campus (IC). Clarice asked how the SEL program was going to be maintained, and Bobbie highlighted how the curriculum was being developed during the grant and that implementation would continue with grant monies. When the discussion focused on IC, Ed recommended having students provide input to address issues/concerns.

Bobbie told the team that Finest was recently awarded the Connect for Success grant, which was focused on addressing our school’s graduation rate. The first step with the grant is having staff members visit an alternative school that has a high graduation rate – Yampah Mountain High School was recommended. Staff will visit the school in groups of 8 on various days in the spring semester. CDE will be visiting Finest on the 28th in order to get a comprehensive look at our school. The grant also includes the hiring of an implementation coach, so one will be hired for Fall.

Bobbie referred SAC members to the upcoming dates – Appeals, Fifth Session and Parent-Teacher Conferences/Goal Setting. The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m. Our next SAC meeting will be on February 27th at 6:00 pm