Maintaining Our Schools' Growth

Englewood Schools students made strong gains on the state's CMAS exams this year.
Posted on: Mon, 09/17/2018 - 21:42

Dear Englewood Schools Community,

Last month I shared with you the exciting results of our students' CMAS performance (Colorado Measures of Academic Success), which measures academic growth and proficiency. We saw gains in many areas throughout our schools, including strong increases in language arts and math. I also shared an update on School and District Performance Frameworks, (SPFs and DPF), which show our schools all making improvement. In fact, all but one of our schools raised one rating level on the SPF, and in some cases two!

I'd like to expand on the important work taking place in Englewood Schools this year to ensure our schools continue to make strong academic gains. While the gains we are seeing are promising, the challenge now becomes: how do we stay the course and keep our schools on a path of academic growth? 

Maintaining Our Growth

We are in Year One of what we're calling the Academic Advancement Initiative (AAI). The AAI is our roadmap to sustainable change, which is the primary focus of our leaders and teachers. Our schools are on the right track, and our goal now is to maintain this course of improvement so our schools can continue to grow and thrive. 

We are doing this through work in four areas:

  1. Strong Leaders - We are proud to have strong leadership teams in each of our schools, and it's important that each school principal is supported and provided with what their schools need. 

  2. Strong People - As we are proud of our leaders, we are proud of our educators 

    and support teams in Englewood Schools. Englewood Schools is committed to attracting and retaining the best teachers. We want strong teachers at the head of every classroom. To do this, we are committed to making our schools places that teachers want to be.
  3. Support and Accountability - Our school and district leaders have weekly visits at each school that focus on how to best support our principals and teachers. Collaboration and accountability ensure schools have what they need to meet the needs of their students. Every school has different needs and challenges, and we are committed to ensuring our leaders have the tools to address those needs and keep their schools thriving. 

  4. Instructional Systems - This is a particularly important focus for us this year because solid systems are necessary for our teachers to be supported throughout the year. For example, we introduced a comprehensive curriculum in English Language Arts and mathematics to all educators in Englewood Schools, meaning all English Language Arts and math teachers are working from the same, updated curriculum to ensure instruction is aligned across the district.

As we move into a new school year, it's important to identify what has been working well and what we need to do to keep things working well. Clayton Elementary posted outstanding gains on academic growth on this year's CMAS scores. They continue to be rated Performance on their SPF, and deservedly so. Charles Hay World School also made strong gains on academic growth, jumping two levels on their SPF. They, too, received the rating of Performance this year, as did Colorado's Finest High School of Choice. Englewood Leadership Academy also received a Performance rating, maintaining their record of strong academic achievement year-over-year. 

We are thrilled that all of our schools showed improvement this year, and I believe this is because of the strong teams of people we have working for our students and families each and every day. We may be a small school district, but we are mighty. As we embark on a new school year, I am confident each of our schools are on a steady path to success.

Thank you to our teachers, our leaders, our students, and our parents. Thank you for working hard for our kids.

Kindest Regards,


Wendy Rubin, Ed.D.


Englewood Schools