Colorado Ag Day

Posted on: Thu, 04/12/2018 - 21:16

On March 22, Casey Hodges, Englewood Schools' supervisor of food and nutrition services, joined a team with fellow school nutrition chefs to participate in a cooking competition against other local chefs as part of Colorado Agriculture Day. The competition required the chefs to create dishes with Colorado-grown foods.

The school nutrition team decided to do what they do best, and cook up a "reimbursable meal". A reimbursable meal is one that offers the required balance of nutritional components for the school or district to receive monetary reimbursement from the Federal Government. In this case, the meal included fruit, vegetables, grains and protein.

The menu the team created was a braised pork slider with maple mascarpone, jicama slaw, sweet potato donut fries with cherry ketchup, and cara cara supreme. Though the team didn't win the competition, they had a great time creating delicious food with fresh, Colorado-based ingredients!