New Academic Programs

With the opening of The Englewood Campus (TEC) and the renovated Colorado’s Finest Alternative High School (CFAHS), the district will offer several new and enhanced programs to students.  These programs are designed to build academic knowledge and technical skills to prepare students for college and career success.

Middle and high school students on both TEC and CFAHS will offer exciting programming around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and digital arts in an interactive, hands-on lab setting. Students will plan, document and build collaborative projects in areas such as alternative and renewable energy, audio engineering, video production, civil engineering, electronics, graphic design and digital animation. The course will allow students to select projects designed to solve real-world issues in various technology fields. Additionally, students will have the chance to present their findings through multimedia presentations to their class, school and community. Through the course, students will learn everything from computer aided design to structural engineering while using advanced computer software such as Scratch animation, Google Sketch-up, West Point Bridge Builder, Adobe Creative Suite 5, Sony Acid Music Studio and many more.

Fabrication Lab
A state-of-the art Fabrication Lab will open in the Englewood Campus facility in January 2015. This program offers a high-tech workshop for students to design, prototype and build things. Students will envision an idea, and then have access to a variety of technologies that will allow them to produce an end product through the use of computer-aided design and desktop manufacturing technologies. Students will work with:
  • 3D Printer Systems
  • Laser Engraver Systems
  • Arduino Microelectronics Systems
  • Plotter/Vinyl Cutter Systems
  • CNC Sewing Machine Systems
  • Robotics Systems
  • Digital Circuitry Systems
Broadcast Journalism
Englewood High School has an award-winning journalism program that produces The Pirateer newspaper and website and Pirate TV. The Englewood Campus will provide state-of-the-art broadcasting facilities for this high-interest program. Students completing this program will demonstrate the journalistic skill of broadcast reporting (writing, editing, and on camera presence), while also developing the technological skills involved in creating digital productions, including digital video, digital photography and film editing. Students will understand, accept, and apply the legal and ethical responsibilities inherent in a free press. Students involved in this program will write, produce, edit, and broadcast video for classroom use, and ultimately for school and district distribution.
Culinary Arts and Hospitality
Hospitality is the second largest industry in Colorado, and this program is designed for students interested in exploring this exciting and demanding career. Students will learn a blend of culinary and management content, relevant and timely topics from global cuisines to sustainability, customer relations, event management, and how to prepare and serve safe food.

CFAHS will open a new Cosmetology Program in January 2014. The program will prepare students to provide beauty services in hairstyling, nail technology, or esthetics. This program will prepare students to pass the state-licensing exam given by the Colorado Barber/Cosmetology Board. Personal care services such an manicures, pedicures, facials, and hairstyling will be open to the community beginning in Fall 2014.

Mandarin Chinese Language


Englewood is proud to announce this new world language course offering. The program will focus on the development of functional proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing the Mandarin Chinese language. The relationship between language and culture will be stressed throughout.