Englewood Schools’ Graduation Rates Post Strong Gains

Englewood High School's four-year graduation rate rose to 80.2%.
Posted on: Wed, 01/16/2019 - 18:29

More Englewood High School (EHS) students are graduating on time than ever before, according to data released today by the Colorado Department of Education. The EHS four-year “on-time” graduation rate surpassed 80% for the first time in the school’s recent history, rising to 80.2%. This raises the district’s overall four-year rate by 1.4 percentage points. EHS’ four-year rate now rivals the state of Colorado’s average of 80.7%.


Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice (CFHSC), an Englewood Schools multiple pathways school for students seeking an alternative to a traditional high school experience, also posted strong improvement in its four-year graduation rate, raising 2.4 percentage points from the prior year and 10 percentage points since 2015.

Also noteworthy, Englewood Schools saw strong improvement in the four-year graduation rate among African-American and Latino students. The four-year on-time graduation rate increased for African-American students by 16 percentage points. The four-year on-time graduation rate increased for Latino students by seven percentage points.

“This is very encouraging news for our community, and a testament to the work of our students, teachers, and school leaders,” said Englewood Schools Superintendent Wendy Rubin. “Graduating students ready for success in college and career is our most important measure. I am thrilled that our high schools are graduating more and more students. Nevertheless, our work is never finished, and we need to make sure that the number of our graduates continues to climb."


The CDE defines an “on-time” graduation rate as the number of students who graduate within four years of entering high school. The district’s graduation rate is a combined average of both EHS and CFHSC rates.


CFHSC’s 2018 four-year graduation rate has steadily increased by 10 percentage points since 2015, rising to 31.2% in 2018. Many CFHSC students are on designed graduation plans that include concurrent enrollment in college-level classes, Career and Technical Education (CTE) and certificate pathways. Five-, six- and seven-year completion rates are particularly noteworthy for CFHSC due to the alternative pathways students take to graduate, often in more than four years’ time. CFHSC’s five-year graduation rate for 2018 is 36.9%.

For the fourth year in a row, CFHSC has posted a decrease in its drop-out rate, improving by more than 10 percentage points in the past four years. Its drop-out rate is lower than the state average for alternative schools. The district’s overall drop-out rate has also shown improvement, lowering by 3.1 percentage points since 2014-2015.


“We are committed to giving all of our students the support they need to graduate. The high interest programs and opportunities we have in place at both of our high schools -- such as career and technical education and concurrent enrollment college courses -- makes students excited about being at school and about their futures. The steady and consistent focus we have placed on high school supports, as well as the relationships we build with our students, is graduating more students ready for life after high school,” Dr. Rubin said. 

School Year 2017-2018 Graduation Rates


                                                            Four-Year                     Five-Year


Englewood High School                        80.2%                          72.4%

Colorado’s Finest                                  31.2%                          36.9%

Englewood Schools                               52.5%                          56.8%


School Year 2017-2018 Drop-Out Rate


Englewood High School                        5.4%               

Colorado’s Finest                                  14.4%

Englewood Schools                               6.6%   

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Full dropout data can be found here.

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