Community Corner


Please join us for Englewood Schools' Gifted Education Community Nights.

The 2018-2019 dates and locations for parent meetings are below.

Meeting time is 5-6:30 PM

  • November 15 - Clayton (library and maker space)
  • December 13 - Colorado's Finest Alternative High School (cafeteria area and room 113)
  • February 7 -  Clayton (library and maker space)
  • March 14 - TEC (commons)
  • April 11 - Clayton (library and maker space


Gifted Education Resources

Colorado Department of Education Gifted Education Department:

Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented:

National Associaion for Gifted Students:

 Parents of Gifted Children 

Parent FAQs--Websites--Resources-- Books--Blogs.pdf 

Education Opportunities for Gifted Parents--FAQs about Gifted Children.pdf 

Parent Guide to the Talent Pool  

GE on 1-Page.pdf

Grievance Process