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Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year with Englewood Schools! Last year we had a great start to our new scratch-cooking program and are looking forward to expanding on better recipes and meeting everyone's food needs through nutrition, quality, and customer service. With this, we are excited to announce that we will be partnering with the LiveWell@School Food Initiative where we will be working with professional chefs for the next two years! Many great things have already came from this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to improving our services to our customers in the years to come.
Here are a few of the changes that will be taking place this year 
  • With many thanks to the Colorado Health Foundation with their generous grant of $213,000, we have been able to replace outdated kitchen equipment with new energy efficient equipment as well as new equipment that will help us expand our scratch cooking program in all of our kitchens.
  • Fuel Up to Play 60 NFL Hometown grant and Western Dairy provided us with $10,000 to purchase blenders to make smoothies..We plan to rotate smoothies through breakfast in the classrooms soon. 
  • We are thrilled to have the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program at Bishop and Clayton again this year.  With this program, we are able to provide an interesting fruit or vegetable snack 4 days per week in the classroom, along with fun facts about each item.  Why only Bishop and Clayton?  Requirements for applicaiton approval are dependent on free and reduced meal status percentage.  
  • Action for Healthy Kids provided grant funding for five schools last year ($2500 per each school) that gave us the support we needed to purchase carts and insulated bags in order to provide breakfast in the classroom for all Englewood students.  We firmly believe that a hungry child cannot learn.  There are lots of reasons why kids may not eat breakfast before school, in a rush, not hungry yet, etc.  Breakfast in the classroom provides a healthy start to the school day!
  • LiveWell@School Food Initiative- we are partnering with professional chefs for the next two years that will provide us with culinary training, from scratch-recipes, and more! Training is key to our success...
  • We have launched our Nutrislice App and website so that you can view the complete breakfast and lunch menus for all schools online at englewoodschools.nutrislice.com!
  • School gardens!  We will be receiving products from school gardens to use in our lunch rooms this year!  No matter if it is one tomato and a pepper or a whole slew of zucchini, we plan to feature these products on our menu when available!
  • The Menu right now? We are serving sandwiches and lighter fare to match the summer weather.  We will get into more hot foods in September.
  • Our menu will be changing with the season...  As fall, winter and spring come upon us, you will find menu items that complement the seasons.

Department Contacts

Name Title Phone Email
Beth Schwisow M.S., R.D. Nutrition Services Director 303-806-2026 beth_schwisow@engschools.net