School Closures on Monday, April 16

​Dear Englewood Schools Community,

As of this afternoon, district administration has received notice that over 150 Englewood licensed staff will not be reporting to work on Monday, April 16. This means that over 70% of our teacher workforce will not be present to staff our schools, and we expect that number of absences to continue to grow.  Because of this, even with calling in as many substitutes as possible, we will not be able to run academic programs or provide a safe number of staff members to supervise students on Monday. For that reason, ​we will be canceling school for students on Monday, April 16. All schools will be closed to students except the Early Childhood Education Center at Maddox, which will run its program as usual. Though students will not be present, this will still be a working day in the district for employees who are not using their annual leave. We expect that school will resume as usual on Tuesday, April 17.

It is our understanding that the high number of absences is due to a day of action taking place at the State Capitol. The following response with regard to planned teacher absences on Monday, April 16, 2018 was provided to Englewood Schools from the Colorado Education Association and Englewood Educators:

"​Our dedicated Englewood teachers care about your kids more than anything. They are frustrated and fed up with students not having the resources they deserve. Kids don't have a voice, that's why teachers are joining a statewide action at the Capitol to stand up for our kids on Monday, April 16. We know this will be inconvenient on Monday, but we hope you​ ​understand that teachers are doing this out of love for your kids. If you have questions about this action or the reasons behind it, please call 303-764-0140." 

We have been told that teachers in other districts throughout the state will also be participating in this day of action, though it’s possible not all districts will be affected by absences to the same degree that we are experiencing in Englewood. More information is available on CEA’s website at The phone number we have been provided for questions is 303-764-0140.

We understand that this unexpected change is inconvenient for families. Please know we exhausted all resources before deciding to cancel school for students. Our partners in childcare, Champions, will be open for the full day on Monday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to provide care for students. Care for all students will take place at Charles Hay World School (3195 S. Lafayette St.) The cost will be $30 per student for the day and breakfast, lunch and snacks will be included. Space is limited, so parents should sign up tomorrow at their school’s Champions location.

We truly appreciate your support in this matter.


Wendy Rubin, Ed.D.
Englewood Schools