Incident at Colorado's Finest

Dear Englewood Families,

As you know, in Englewood Schools, our top priority is keeping your student(s) safe. When we receive threats or information of any kind that could imply students are unsafe, we respond very quickly and very seriously.

Today at Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice, it was reported that a student may have a weapon. We immediately followed our safety procedure which is to put students and staff on lockdown. We then contacted Englewood Police Department. Officers recovered a gun. The building was evacuated and searched by Englewood Police Department. No other weapons were found. The student in question has been arrested.

I am very grateful for the student who spoke up today. This student made it possible for district staff and police to take immediate action to ensure student and staff safety. We are proud to say that the staff and students of Colorado’s Finest did a remarkable job following safety procedures and that lockdown, evacuation and reunification with parents all went according to plan. Englewood Police chose not to place any other schools on lockdown due to the isolated and controlled nature of this incident.

Though no one was hurt today, serious situations like these can cause fear in adults and children and bring up previous traumas. Englewood is a small and close-knit community, so even though this incident occurred at Colorado’s Finest, other students or parents may also be affected by what happened. Here is information on dealing with trauma that we hope will be helpful for you.

If you or your student are having a hard time dealing with this incident, please contact your school’s counseling department.
Thank you for your partnership and support of our kids, our staff, our schools, and our community.




Wendy Rubin, Ed.D.


Englewood Schools