Important Safety Information

December 21, 2017

Dear Families of Englewood Schools,

In Englewood Schools, our top priority is keeping your student safe. When we receive threats or information of any kind that could imply students are unsafe, we respond very quickly and very seriously.

Yesterday, it was reported by a parent that a student made some remarks that indicated a possible threat to student safety.  Upon being made aware of the possible concern, EHS administrators and Englewood Schools’ Director of Safety and Security, Mandy Braun, immediately contacted the Englewood Police, who worked with the student, the student’s family, and the school.  Because of the quick response by the school and the partnership with Englewood Police, student and staff safety were never compromised at any point.  It is our understanding that Englewood Police are continuing their investigation into this matter, as is the school district.  

School safety is at the forefront of our work each and every day.  I am pleased to report that the following factors contributed to the school’s ability to respond to this situation:

•    A parent notified the school of the possible threat.
•    Englewood Police were contacted with all relevant information and they followed-up immediately. 
•    Because of the timely reporting and quick response, there was no threat to student safety at any point.

I am very thankful for the parent who spoke with school administration.  This parent came forward in the interest of safety for all of our students and staff members.  I am also grateful to the administration and staff of EHS for responding quickly, and I am appreciative of the partnership of Englewood Police.  

Please know we, as well as law enforcement, take any threat to the safety of our kids and our schools very seriously. Disciplinary and legal consequences are often the outcome of any threats, regardless of the scope, to schools and our kids.  I ask that each and every family speak with their students about the importance of sharing information with adults if they ever see or hear anything that makes them feel unsafe.  Additionally, I ask that each and every student and parent partner with us, as did the parent referenced above, in sharing information that helps us respond to potential safety and security concerns.  Thank you for your partnership and support of our kids, our staff, our schools, and our community.



Wendy Rubin, Ed.D.
Englewood Schools