Charles Hay and Cherrelyn Demolition


Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, demolition for Charles Hay World School has been postponed and will now take place closer to July 12, 2018.

Englewood, CO: The former Charles Hay World School and the former Cherrelyn Elementary School buildings will be demolished during the first week of July of 2018, according to district officials. The demolition contractors for each project will mobilize on July 2 and the demolition will begin as soon as all necessary permits are acquired.

Charles Hay, which is more than 65 years old, is being demolished because an updated Charles Hay World School has been built on the same site. Englewood taxpayers passed a bond measure in 2016 to pay for the rebuilding of all Englewood elementary schools and preschool. The new school has upgraded facilities and features where students will be able to learn for years to come. Cherrelyn Elementary, which is more than 70 years old, will be rebuilt on its current site next school year while students attend school at the old Clayton Elementary.

Before demolishing each building, the district organized sales of the remaining furniture inside the schools. “We held public sales where anyone could come and purchase items they saw of value,” said Phil Bedford, Chief Human Resources and Operations Officer. “We sold many things for less than $5. It was also an opportunity for the community to walk through the schools one final time before demolition.”

The remaining items in both of the schools not purchased by the public were offered to a non-profit organization that re-purposes furniture and other items for schools in Africa. “The organization was able to take any items they deemed useful for their purposes,” Bedford said.

All items in the schools not sold or not claimed by the charity became property of the demolition contractors to dispose of, sell or use.

The demolition of Charles Hay and Cherrelyn is a bittersweet moment for the district. The schools served many students over the years, but new facilities will better-serve the needs of current and future students.