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Welcome School Health Assistants!

 Thanks for all that you do 

Health services are provided to the Englewood Public School District through consultation from the Children’s Hospital Colorado School Health Program. The School Nurse Consultant functions as a liaison between Children’s Hospital Colorado, the community, and the school by providing information, referrals, and resources.  The Nurse Consultant assists schools to provide the safest, evidence-based health care services within the school setting. 

Each RN consultant works with several schools in the district, and can be reached during school hours by cell phone:
  • Marisa Beauchaine, BSN, RN, CPN, AE-C 
    • marisa_beauchaine@engschools.net
    • Phone: 720-951-7491 
    •  Schools: Bishop, Clayton, Maddox ECE, CFHSC, Cherrelyn
  • Mandy Lopez, BSN, RN
    • mandy_lopez@engschools.net
    • Phone: 720-951-7496 
    • Schools: EHS, TIES, EMS/ELA, Charles Hay

The health office in each school building is staffed with a health assistant, who is employed by Englewood Schools to assist students with daily health needs. 

Services provided by the School Health Assistant include:
  • Organizes and runs the school health office
  • Provides basic First Aid
  • Administers routine medications
  • Conducts and documents vision and hearing screening
  • Maintains health files (including immunization records)
  • Monitors and documents Immunization compliance of student body
  • Notifies the RN of student health concerns or infectious diseases.
  • Maintains Poweschool documentation (office visits, screenings, immunizations, etc)
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid. Trained and delegated to give routine medications as well as perform special health procedures.

Services not provided by the School Health Assistant:

  • The health assistant cannot give medical opinions concerning students’ health.
  • The health office does not function as a clinic.  If students need medical attention, parents will be advised to contact their health care provider. 
  • The health office cannot give any medication to any child unless that child has permission for a particular medication from their healthcare provider and parent.
  • The assistant cannot store or distribute medications for staff.  
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