2011 Bond Projects / FAQs

What is a Bond?
A Bond is a financial loan issued for the purpose of financing the infrastructure needs of the school district.
What will happen as a result of the recently approved Bond?
The electorate recently approved a $50 million Bond, with a 20-year payback term, that would building a new 7-12 campus at the current Englewood High School Site and renovate the current Englewood Middle School site for use by Colorado’s Finest Alternative High School.  The Bond funds will be used for the following:
  • Replace and upgrade mechanical and electrical systems
  • Provide better school site safety and security
  • Construct classrooms and academic spaces to meet 21st Century instructional needs
  • Bring the facilities up to code
  • Renovate the high school field house and performing arts areas
  • Complete campus site upgrades
  • Implement the initial phase of the Board of Education’s Long Range Facilities Plan
How will this new construction benefit students?
  • New classrooms will simulate today’s work environment and college classrooms, encouraging creative thinking, problem solving, collaborative group work and the use of technology
  • Provide a facility where students are safe and secure
  • Improve technology and give students the proper tools to work in an interactive and technologically advanced society
What are the operational savings to Englewood Schools?
More than $419,000 in operating costs will be saved annually due to efficient systems.
Will any improvements be made to the Englewood elementary schools as a result of this Bond?
When the Board of Education adopted the Long Range Plan, it was divided into two major phases.  Due to critical safety and security concerns and the rapidly deteriorating facility at EMS, EHS and CFAHS, it was agreed that these issues were to be addressed first.  This Bond measure will primarily focus on a new 7-12 campus and the renovation of Englewood Middle School in preparation for occupancy by Colorado’s Finest Alternative High School.
In addition, the declining enrollment of Englewood Schools over the past 5 years has primarily been at EMS and EHS.  By providing new facilities and 21st century programming, we can expect to attract and retain the majority of our Englewood students and students from across the entire south metropolitan area. As students enroll in Englewood Schools from other attendance areas, the State funding for each of these students follows the student to Englewood.
When will the new campuses be open for students?
Construction is progressing on time and as planned. It is expected that all students will be attending classes in their respective new facilities by January of 2015.
Will there be problems with 7-12 students on the same campus?
Englewood High School has shared their hallways and classrooms with 6-8 grade students for several years. Englewood Leadership Academy (ELA) has been housed within Englewood High School.  According to administrators, teachers and parents, there have not been any issues with middle school students sharing space with high school students.  In addition, this arrangement has provided wonderful opportunities for ELA students to access programs and activities that would not otherwise have been available.
The 7-12 model and PreK-12 models have successfully been implemented throughout the State and Nation.  In a survey of other schools districts with these types of campuses, it was noted that student behavior actually improved as high school students recognized the importance of providing positive role modeling and leadership for younger students.